Yummy Tokyo: Unlimited Ramen For 399PHP!

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Finally got to try Yummy Tokyo after it was posted and trend online. Although, I’m not fan of ramen craze but I can say it doesn’t disappoint my excitement !

The owner of the resto, started to sell DIY Ramen and 2 years later, established their small store in busy street of Maginhawa, Quezon City. They also have branch in Tiktekte, Ortigas and recently opened in Katipunan.

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As I entered, I noticed the white-washed walls and industrial lights are very simple,which is totally different in other Japanese resto. The ambiance there is great and the minimalist designs offers the customers to enjoy the dining experience without any distraction.

The best ramen I’ve tasted is Tonkotsu. It is also known as “pork bone based”. Their soup broth is creamy and you will taste the consistency of pork stock. The noodles were thin and soft, perfectly topped with sliced pork belly, boiled egg, sesame seeds and onion leaves.

We also ordered, Onigiri also known as Japanese Rice Balls. Some people misunderstood the difference of Onigiri and Sushi. Onigiri is made with plain steamed rice while sushi is made of vinegared rice.

Aside from this, they offers Gyoza and Make-At-Home Ramen kits. We wasn’t able to try Gyoza since its not available at that time.

Who wants FREE RAMEN ? Why not try their Unlimited Ramen Challenge and be one of the inductees to be posted in their Wall of Fame. Yes,you hear it right ! They will serve 5 variety ramen of their choice and you have to finish it within 2 hours. If you win, then it’s FREE, if you lose, then you have to pay P399.00.

But if you are not into challenge like me, you can enjoy their UNLIMITED RAMEN for P399.00, stay as long as you want and try all the kinds of ramen.

So, what are you waiting for ? Sugod na !

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