Tantea: Your newest favorite milk tea !

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“After water, TEA is the most widely consumed beverage in the world”

Milk tea store is popping everywhere. It trends for the past years because it serves as go-to-drink for millennial like me. Another brand should be add to your top list.

Tantea is originated in Hongkong and opened its first store in Binondo, Manila. Globally, it has more than 80 stores in Mainland China and Hongkong in a span of 4 years. They serves a healthy selection of drinks refreshments that will surely satisfy your cravings!

Here’s are some of the best sellers I’ve tried:

 Popping Boba Black Currant Yogurt (Php 140)

Mango Peach Gum (Php 180)

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Watermelon Coconut Milk (Php 140)

Strawberry Milk Dirty Bottle (Php 180)

Fragrant Chocolate Cream Cheese (Php 160)

Boba Pearl Milk Tea (Php 120)

The Pros: As I received the package, I am truly amazed in their packaging. It deserves A+! I also fell in love with their Popping Boba. It pops in your mouth with a flavor explosion and perfectly added to yogurt drinks. Another pros is their mouthwatering pudding! Not a fan of matcha but their pudding is very unique, not too sweet and swear you can’t get enough with this!

Aside from it, they have a variety of add-ons such as peach gum, coconut jelly, and pearl, popping boba, green tea, coffee jelly and pudding. I also like the idea that they use reusable plastic cups.

All their drinks lingers my taste buds. I thought that it will be the usual milk tea drinks I’ve tried before but hell no! It makes you buy for more as soon as you finish it. You will be overwhelmed every sip, every drinks! The consistency is there. All their refreshments are affordable but might be pricey for some. Thumbs up for this!

Oops! I forgot also that they have upcoming stores in Tomas Morato, Banawe, SM Megamall and in One Town Central Village Square Alabang. See you there soon !

FB: fb.com/tanteaphilippines

IG: @tanteaph

Twitter: @tanteaph

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