DIY Travel Guide: Celossian Flower Farm Day Tour

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No need to fly in Cebu to see the famous Sirao Garden. A two hours drive will take to “Little Amsterdam” of Baras, Rizal. Yes ! You heard it right. Celossian Flower Farm is located in Sitio Tamalan. The place is very lively, attractive and vibrant. Say hello to people who are obsessive in Instagram ! This is something that will complete your feed, isn’t it?

The entrance here is 30Php for adults and 20Php for kids. The best time to go here is morning, less crowd and you can own the place. You can easily take a photo without photo bomber. We arrived around 7am then leave around 9am.
If you are going there late afternoon, make sure to bring umbrella. The place is open field and its very hot. Our expenses is less than 200Php. But it depends where you came from.

How to go there ?
1. Ride a van or jeep going to Tanay, Rizal.
2. Tell the driver to drop you off to 7/11, Lagundi area.
3. Ride a trike to Celossian Farm.
This place is also good for photoshoot and prenup. No need to spend too much since the place is effortlessly beautiful in its own way.
Take note that there is no parking lots in the area. Phone signals and internet are present.
By the way, you can watch this 1 minute view to show case the beauty of Celossian Farm. Here’s the link:
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