Derm Gem’s Greek Facial Treatment

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I went to Derm Gem at Banawe,Quezon City for my facial and I’m absolutely amazed! I tried their Greek Facial because I needed some help to my poor clogged skin. I admit that, I didn’t invest too much when it comes to skin care. I’m too lazy to put something on my face and follow 10 steps beauty routine. Not lazy but I mean, low maintenance in that way.
The Greek Facial is a pricking facial, which means that dermatologist or aesthetician will squeeze out your black heads and white heads. The treatment usually take 45 minutes and it cost 2000PHP.
Here’s the procedure of Greek Facial Treatment:
1. The aesthetician used cleanser first to removes dirt.

2. Then, used facial scrub to exfoliates dead skin.
3. She used steamer to open my pores. It also softens my black and white heads making them easier to remove. Process took 30 minutes.

4. Carefully squeeze out my black heads and white heads. The extraction process is little bit painful but yes, “tiis ganda”!
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5. She gently rolls UV rays in my face to close and tightens the pores.

6. The finishing menthol mask was my favorite part. It produces cooling sensation and I feel cold all over my body. It was soothing, relaxing and calming. I feel like my skin is refresh, revitalize and enliven.

The products that she puts on me are smells so good. She really explains what she’s doing and what are the effects would be. She also gave tips how to extend the benefits of my treatment and how to take care of it. Plus points for that!
In addition, it was such a great place and people are welcoming. The rooms are simple. The music is very relaxing. The best place I’ve ever been to!

In the next day, my skin looks brighter than before. It really lightens my face! There are scars after the procedure but eventually disappear in the following days. Not really scars, more or less dots stains in your face. I’m so overwhelmed in their Greek Facial. Money well spent on results. Definitely coming back!

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